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Car Doctor: Dependable Doctor for Your Car

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For anybody who has driven or owned a vehicle, you know that auto care are a regular maintenance task. It is important for car owners to have a knowledge about it. This saves you time and money in the long run. Proper car maintenance is vital for keeping your vehicle on the road! Good news, Car Doctor is here to keep your car in better shape.

Your vehicle health is what drives them! Successfully creating a name in the auto care industry for more than 20 years under the name ” XTI Fuel Station” since 1998, Car Doctor is indeed a product of their love for cars. It boasts of the most modern technology specializing in lubrication, wheel alignment, underchassis and car maintenance operated by the best auto expert professionals. Car Doctor have 6 bays: 2 bays for lubrication, 2 bays for wheel slightly and underchassis and the last 2 bays are for mechanical works. They also offer WCR (Windshield Crack Repair) and PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) services.

Car Doctor services offers wheel balancing, tire repair, rust proofing, aircon repair, electrical repair, mechanical repair, break repair, suspension repair, underchassis, engine tune-ups, change oil, computer engine scan, car battery, nitrogen air, and wheel alignment.

If you’re looking for best customer experience, the doctor for your car is in!

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