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Knock Off those Pounds with Kilo Off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach

Ayesha Heart for Kilo Off
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Knock Off those Pounds with Kilo Off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach

Kilo Off sent a starter pack for my #bodygoals this year. It is a weight loss system designed to help you slim down the healthy way. All-natural, made in France, with no side effects, and approved by the local and European FDA, what else can you ask for? 😀 The first product that I tried is the Kilo Off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach (the Orange one), it contains Rhubarb and Acacia which contribute to intestinal balance.  (Remember, the Purple one is for over-all slimming by burning fat and draining water with caffeine. The Orange one is for you to achieve flat stomach effect by improving digestion with fiber.)

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Kilo Off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach

Kilo Off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach

Price: ₱795.00

Active Ingredients: Tamarind and Balm facilitate digestion and help relieve heaviness and bloating. Rhubarb and Acacia contribute to intestinal balance.

Recommended Treatment Period: 8 days

A bottle cap-full is perfect to drink as is or mixed with water. Kilo Off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach contains fiber that aids in digestion and helps to relieve a swollen stomach. Drink this for a more concentrated amount of active ingredients. Kilo off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach is perfect for those with a bloated tummy and indigestion issues. Drink it in the morning after breakfast or afternoon snack.

Is Kilo Off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach Safe and Effective?

There are 4 actions for the product: burn fat, drain water and toxins, keep a flat stomach, and reduce cravings. Is it safe? YES, it is manufactured by Laboratories Vitaromonyl and was launched in other countries since 2009. All 12 active ingredients are chosen for their effectiveness and taste. There are a total of 900mg of active ingredients.

It has 10 vitamins in this liquid drink. Kilo Off’s goal is for us to lose weight the healthy way and still get the nutrients our body needs every day. It is also recommended that you still eat your meals; the drink is not meant to replace a meal. The active ingredients of Kilo off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach are Tamarind and Balm; to facilitate digestion and help relieves heaviness and bloating. Rhubarb and Acacia contribute to intestinal balance.

How to Take Kilo off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach

Kilo Off recommends drinking the Liquid Drink Flat Stomach after the main meal (lunch or dinner). You take one 50ml dose with or without water, once a day only, if more than one – it can have a laxative effect on you. Take it for 8 days but if you have any excess after 8 days, you can still drink this as long as it doesn’t exceed 10 days. Leave 1-week intervals between slimming periods and it should be stored in the refrigerator and should be consumed within 10 days of opening.

Kilo Off Slimming Program

In my case, I am taking the 2nd option which are for fat burning and stomach toning.

for fat burning and stomach toning

Note that the liquid drinks should only be taken by adults (above 18 years old). No maximum age for the products. People who are allergic to specific ingredients in the product cannot take it. If you will get both, you can drink the Purple one in the morning then the Orange one after lunch or dinner. You’re welcome!

My Kilo Off Liquid Drink Flat Stomach Experience

Kilo Off liquid drink tastes like pure sour Plums (Tamarind juice) and I like it, yum! It helps me curb my cravings and get my tummy flat; bye bloated feeling. What I love about it is it naturally boost your energy and speed your metabolism. I drink this in the afternoon; it’s my afternoon snack 🙂 It’s never been easier to get a flat tummy with Kilo Off. 

I was hesitant to take it at first because I am always out for business meetings and I am afraid I have to go to the John many times in a day but nah surprisingly, it is not painful and my regular bowel movement is always at dawn (which is OK for me as I am awake doing online works) LUCKY! The struggle is real when you can’t resist eating your fave chips and drinking a soda while watching Netflix (who else can relate?) and stomach bloating is so common these days and certainly uncomfortable. It’s time to love more our body & health and discipline ourselves,fret not because Kilo Off got you totally covered! To be honest, I really don’t have much time to exercise but surprisingly with Kilo Off products, discipline plus eating right foods- THE RESULTS ARE AWESOME!

Ayesha Heart for Kilo Off

Have you tried any Kilo Off products?

Available at select Watson’s, Lazada, BeautyMNL and Kilo Off website

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