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Caronia Multi-Functional Nail Care Enhancements

Caronia Nail Enhancements
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Caronia’s multi-functional nail care enhancements help you achieve a professional polished look every time. Nothing improves my mood like a new manicure or new polished nails. My obsession with mani/pedi started in middle school and me and my friends enjoy a sparty doing nail arts in my unit every weekend (I love that there’s Japanese nail magazines to get nail designs inspo). I and many of us love a trip to the salon for nails pampering but sometimes, time don’t permit us to do so. Luckily, I received their multi-functional nail care enhancements for the perfect at-home-spa experience.

Caronia PH Pro Care

Caronia PH nail products

Kwik-Dry & Cuticle Conditioner

Protect your nail polish while it dries and at the same time nourish your cuticles. All you need is one drop.


Cleans metal manicure and pedicure implements leaving them stain-free. Remember that this is not recommended for diluting dried up nail polish.

Fast-Dry Top Coat

Lets your polish dry in 3 minutes flat (or 40% faster than your average nail polish).

Matte Top Coat

Gives you a Matte-finish polish anytime!

Nail Hardener & Base Coat

Help strengthen your nails to resist breaking and smooth out ridges with this dual-purpose nail hardener and base-coat.

Caronia PH Salon Care

Caronia Salon Care

Nail Polish Remover

Removes nail polish fast without drying nails and cuticles. This acetone-based formulation is fortified with moisturizing ingredients to prevent drying and discoloration.

Cuticle Remover

It softens and helps remove overgrown cuticles for a gentle manicure experience. Its white formulation does not leave stains. 

Cuticle Sanitizer

Cleans, disinfects and sanitizes nails while it keeps cuticles healthy looking.

Caronia Nail Enhancements
Caronia Salon Care

There you have it, these are the treatments that can help your nails stay clean, strong and healthy. Who doesn’t love clean nails? Make your hands look beautiful with Caronia salon care products. Having all these, we’ll be so ready to perform a D-I-Y mani/pedi at home! You can enjoy this bit of self-pampering alone or with your BFF’s. Now go ahead and get your nails have the best pamper time!

CARONIA PH | Facebook | Instagram

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ORLY Leads in Innovating Nail Care Products for Filipinos

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ORLY Leads in Innovating Nail Care Products for Filipinos

International nail care brand ORLY recently held a colorful boho-themed grand launch to celebrate its “Strength in Color” campaign and to recognize ExtraORLYnary women who embody individuality, style, and talent in their respective fields. Since 1975, ORLY has been the leading maker of professional and retail standard nail color and care. Through the years, ORLY has created trendy nail lacquer shades that are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from harmful ingredients. Color and Care are ORLY’s heart, soul, and the reflection of the brand’s multi-faceted personality. The event was attended by ORLY’s international representative and executives who led a toast to ORLY’s brilliant and colorful years of setting the professional standard in nail care worldwide and SprintAsia is the exclusive official distributor of ORLY in the Philippines.

Amy Oung and Paul Yap

Left: Amy Oung; ORLY International Brand Ambassador | Right: Paul Yap; SprintAsia President 

AyeshaHeart at ORLY Grand Launch

So Many ORLY Nail Polishes, Not enough Nails

ORLY Breathable Nail Polishes at ORLY Grand Launch

Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan in Pasig City, Philippines, #BeExtraORLYnary 

Nothing improves your mood like a new manicure, whether you are into mattes, gel or classic nail lacquer, ORLY has you covered. From the concept of classic and elegant nail aesthetics to what’s next in nail trends, ORLY is always at the front line in the field of nail care and nail enhancements. This international nail care brand offers a breathable nail polish as a 1-step system (no base on top) and a 13-free formula. ORLY is also halal certified and its Builder in a Bottle is the new innovation in hard gels and extensions.

ORLY’s 6 ExtraORLYnary women, international representative and executives

(L-R:) Mr. Tim Yap, Ms. Shaira Luna (photography), Ms. Sanya Smith (music), Ms. Ornusa Cadness (music), Ms. Persie Torregoza (SprintAsia General Manager), Ms. Georginna Desuasido (beauty), Ms. Soleil Ignacio (design), Ms. Abbey Sy (arts), Ms. Amy Oung (ORLY International Brand Ambassador), Ms. Jennifer Yap (SprintAsia Vice President), Mr. Paul Yap (SprintAsia President)

Tim Yap at ORLY Grand Launch

To represent ORLY’s vast array of colors, six extraORLYnary women showcased their talent and individuality during the grand launch. Tim Yap moderated a panel discussion with Abbey Sy (arts), Soleil Ignacio (design), Georginna Desuasido (beauty), Sanya Smith (music), Ornusa Cadness (music), and Shaira Luna (photography) — all trailblazing women who often use their hands in their work.

Top left photo: With Ms. Persie Torregoza; SprintAsia General Manager and Ms. Jennifer Yap; SprintAsia Vice President

An extraORLYnary afternoon soirée of beauty and style at ORLY GRAND LAUNCH VIP party

ORLY is perfect for empowered women who combine talent and style. It has become the everyday choice of nail polish lovers for all of their daily activities. With ORLY’s continuing innovations in nail care technology, there’s little wonder why this leading breathable nail polish brand makes every woman feel truly ExtraORLYnary. Orly Products are available at Pure Beauty branches, ZALORA, Watsons, Landmark, Robinsons, Cash & Carry, ICM, PCX, Lazada and BeautyMNL.


ORLY PH | Facebook | Instagram


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