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12 Days of AyeshaHeart

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12 Days of AyeshaHeart

This month we are celebrating #AyeshaHeart1stYearAnniversary! Are you excited? I am beyond excited to announce that starting today, I’ll be kicking off the first official day of the 12 DAYS OF AYESHAHEART!

From February 3rd-14th, a blog post will be up featuring my favorite brands/products. The catch? At the end of the 12 Days of AyeshaHeart, one lucky reader will win all of my favorites – YES! All the products that will be featured for 12 days is all YOURS! To join, simply leave a comment on each of the 12 blog posts to win and make sure to answer the question per day.

So, it’s official…

You know I love anything with heart <3 Be it bag, shoe design, accessories, dress, anything – I’ll get it 🙂 This beautiful LBD is from Romwe. Aside from it is Black, I super love the quality, it’s perfect. You can add belt to it to add glamour or just like what I did, just add a pop of shoe color and voila! – A perfect OOTD!

Would you wear this dress? It’s the first giveaway item for our #12DaysofAyeshaHeart! A brand new Heart shape cut Black dress so we can do twinning!

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5| Day 6 | Day 7 Day 8

Simple Mechanics on How to Join

  To enter our 12 Days of AyeshaHeart, all you have to do are the ff.;


1. Leave a comment below on this post and DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN ONE WORD.
2. Visit everyday and leave a comment on every post. (YOU CAN COMMENT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!)
3. SHARE any of my Blog posts on Facebook, Twitter or any Social Media accounts that you have.
4. Use our hashtags #AyeshaHeart1stYearAnniversary #12DaysofAyeshaHeart
5. I will choose a winner randomly at the 15th day.

Good luck everyone!

Don’t forget to answer our question of the day – DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN ONE WORD

See you tomorrow <3

Amazing Online Shopping Sites for Christmas Gifts

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Amazing Online Shopping Sites for Christmas Gifts

Online Shopping Sites for Christmas Gifts

It’s almost Christmas time and yeah we all still got a lot of names on our Christmas shopping list. Even if we do not have an army of elves helping us to complete the Christmas gifts under our Christmas tree, do not fret because it’s not too late and believe me with my idea today you can finish everything in one sitting. Luckily, I’m here to help you get your shopping done, you’re welcome *winks. Well, thank you to these reliable and amazing online shops – the struggle doesn’t have to be real.

Where to shop online this Christmas

On Monday #12.12, Zalora is set to drop the price by up to 70% in their annual #onlinefever sale. Start reloading your cart from your favorite brands like Ray-Ban, Herschel, Cotton On and Esprit as well as your favorite local brands such as CLN, Penshoppe and many more. Use my code “ZBAPZSCZ” for an extra 15% off discount (new accounts)

Zalora PH

Use my code “ZBAPZSCZ” for an extra 15% off discount (new accounts)

Check out Lazada’s Grand Christmas Sale and go straight to Christmas gift guide tab. Start shopping gifts for your husband, for your mom, for your besties and for your kids. Deck the halls with Holiday decor from their amazing deals, grab the latest gadgets, pick some new home appliances, Baby toys, Sports or Travel needs, they have everything that you can think of. Christmas is an entire season here that’s why I so love Lazada :*

Lazada Philippines

The Countdown to Christmas is one of the various promotions made during the season that offers the perfect Christmas gift in the Philippines. Lazada’s Countdown to Christmas sale is full of deals, discounts and gift cards that can make your online shopping experience much easier and more comfortable to do.

From the catwalk to real world, they bring top fashion into your day. Most of my dresses and bags came from them. I love their site; very affordable, I am obsessed! Take a look, they are offering gifts under $2.99, $9.99 Great deals as always. They ship worldwide!


Beauty is the best gift. If we are talking about makeup, there’s only one site to go to – BEAUTYMNL.COM! I love Bloom the Magazine, they have honest product reviews, beauty gifts ideas articles and the like. I pinky swear you’ll love the gift sets that they prepared for you. Shop for your mom, for your best girls, for Men or for everyone. I spend hours or even days browsing their site because they have so many nice items, anyone can relate?


BeautyMNL Wishlist

We can now all put an end to our Christmas Shopping worries. Now, let’s go back to our Holiday parties, vacation/ out of the country travels. Happy Holidays everyone!

Are the gifts under your Christmas tree all complete? What would you like to receive this Christmas? And oh, do you prefer to open your gifts on Christmas Eve or the day itself? Let me know in the comments below.

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Stand Out in a Black and White World

Black and White World
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Stand Out in a Black and White World

How do you expect to be seen standing amongst the crowd?

A person who stands out is someone who is comfortable with who they are and has the confidence to shine. Be unique! Do not copy other popular people because you will not gain what they have gained. To stand out from the crowd, it does not mean you have to go though all those painful surgery to look very beautiful. It is about being someone who is worthy of looking up to and someone with a heart.

AyeshaHeart | Black and White World

Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being like everyone else. Take a risk. Many people won’t take up the challenge because they are afraid of failure. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF FAILURE! Without failure, nothing new can be gained. Remember and always keep this in mind -> Only those who are willing to take risks and work SMART for their dreams are the ones who eventually break through and succeed.

HAVE GOOD MANNERS. Some will say this is an old-fashioned but this is the KEY.
SAY THANK YOU to little things or big things that people do to you.
SMILE. Be approachable. Remember where you came from and always keep your feet on the ground.
SHAKE PEOPLE’S HANDS with passion. Make them feel that you are true to your intention to know them more and not just offer business and the like to earn money.
KEEP YOUR WORD. If you make a promise, do your best to keep it. You will stand out because you will be set apart from people who do not do what they say. Reliability will cause you to stand out from the promise-breakers.
DO DIFFERENT THINGS. Don’t settle with what you have, explore and learn more. Walk away from the 97% who thinks it’s okay to work for the rest of their life! Walk away and never settle down.


AyeshaHeart Popcorn bag

Stand Out in a Black and White World |

BOSSBABE AYESHAHEART TIP: BE YOURSELF! Do not follow the crowd. STOP listening to your friends who don’t encourage you to do better, listen to someone with direction, get a mentor! People stay where they are because of “FRIENDS” who have no direction , they do the same thing every day and every week, and complain about everything , they will end up being employed by us who work really hard to get ahead in life , don’t live their life, live your life and follow your passion.


“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.” – Albert Einstein


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