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Four Basic Steps That You Should Know About Skin Care

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Four Basic Steps Skin Care

Dry, patchy skin, uneven skin tone, age spots, melasma, sun spots, hyper pigmentation; these are just a few of the common skin problems that we try to solve up to date. Us, women are in constant in finding “THE ONE” and are willing to spend a lot of money to buy different skin care products to see what it can do to our skin, what works best and if it can solve our skin dilemma.  Sure there’s the trending 10 steps Korean skin care routine however is this really the solution? Are you doing your skin care routine the right way? Do you check what ingredients are in a certain skin care product?

Achieve a Clearer and Healthier Skin: 4 Basic Steps

In this kind of terrible situation, our skin is kind of wounded so discontinue from testing different products and layering it on your skin. STOP because it will only harm your skin; acne marks isn’t going to fade, and wrong ingredients in the product for your skin type may torture your skin. Never over wash and never over scrub, keep it simple and you’ll be fine. You may follow my skin care routine that I’ll be sharing with you today to achieve a clearer and healthier skin.

CLEANSE – As I always say to you: Remove your makeup before going to bed no matter what. Makeup residue is blocking and clogging the pores so make sure to double-cleanse; First, use oil cleanser or balm to melt the makeup then follow up with a water-based cleanser rather a low-PH and mild one.

TONER or ESSENCE – This step is to hydrate and prepare your skin to absorb all the amazing products that you will use on your step.

SERUM – Targets your skin issues with the help of active ingredients.

MOISTURIZE – Applying moisturizer seals skin’s surface to prevent moisture loss.

Repeat after me; Cleanse – Tone – Serum – Moisturizer

My Daily Skin Care Routine

My skin care routine in the morning starts with rinsing my face with water then a toner to wipe things off. The purpose of the treatment here is to prepare the skin to better absorb all the good stuff to come. Next step is to apply my eye cream; an extra step but so worth it, I love that I can also apply it to my whole face and the result is amazing! Lastly, I apply a moisturizer with sunscreen to protect the natural moisture barrier of my skin.

Yes, you read that right, I don’t wash my face with a foamy facial cleanser in the morning however at night, I make sure to give extra time to thoroughly cleanse my face and balance that PH level. I will be sharing the reason why I do this on my next skin care post and the products that I use. Meanwhile, I’d love to know your skin care routine and what products do you use on the comments below. I love reading your thoughts <3

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