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My SM Kenko Sparomatherapy Experience

SM Kenko Sparomatherapy Experience
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My SM Kenko Sparomatherapy Experience

A solo night’s pampering, a treat after a long day’s hard work alone or with friends or a little getaway for the family; I am sure you all want this, so today I’m sharing a GEM that you can find in Manila where you can experience contemporary modern Japanese ambiance merging with the quintessential Japanese service; SM Kenko Spa – Manila’s first authentic Japanese health spa, for you and your family. Sm Kenko Spa is at par with high end international spas not only in appearance but in services as well. I experience their signature massage SPAROMATHERAPY. This massage service package includes the ff: 4 hours pool usage + unlimited use of wet floor + 90 minutes of full body massage. PRICE: Php980 Sparomatherapy massage uses only blended natural oils from Australia.

SM Kenko Spa

SM Kenko Spa at Winford Hotel

Once inside, let go and luxuriate in their unique, rejuvenating and truly world-class services, which they have taken pride of in the last 18 years. The place is so cozy <3 I love their big space of lounge, here you can relax while watching TV and drinking the complimentary cup of tea. I love Sauna; it’s where you can relax both body and mind. I always go to Onzen (温泉) when I used to live in Japan to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.  Seeing all their facilities, it feels like I’m in a genuine Japanese Spa!

SM Kenko Spa Lounge Area

Sm Kenko Spa | AyeshaHeart Sparomatherapy Experience

Too Japanese I say coz I notice the gender inequality where they have bigger/spacious sauna and massage rooms for men than women’s similar to the Onzen that I’ve tried in Japan before.

Sauna Room for Women

 Sauna Room for Men

TOP PHOTO: Women’s Massage Room

BOTTOM PHOTO: Men’s Massage Room

Unlimited Use of Wet Floor at SM Kenko Spa

Inside Women’s Sauna room: Lockers, towels, a Japanese garment; Yukatta  (浴衣), shower rooms. They also provide slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, shavers and any bath necessities that you need.


I am beyond excited to try their Sauna coz it’s been a while since my last. With my frenzied schedule, it’s time for that much deserved “me time” IN STYLE only at SM Kenko Spa. Sauna health benefits are amazing and here are some of the reasons why I love Sauna; extreme stress reduction, cleanses the skin, flushes toxins, helps to lose weight effortlessly and many more. All you need to remember when you try their Sauna is the six cycle; Wet- Dry-Heat-Cool down-Rest-Repeat.

Wear as little as possible inside, either wear an old swimwear or towel, in my case; I only wear towel that they provided.

I Shower first to remove any dirt, body odor, sweat, lotion, perfume and the like then dry off. There is a water dispenser in the room so I Drink 2-4 glasses of water while waiting for the sauna to reach its right temperature. It’s time to step inside, I spend between two to six minutes to soak the heat (depending to your comfort, you don’t need to force yourself to stay long inside; I stayed for 8-10 mins). After that, I get out of the Sauna room and stayed at their spacious lounge for a couple of minutes to cool down and get that excess heat out of my body. Then, I take a shower,applied my fave moisturizer and of course I didn’t forget my hair; wrong use of the sauna is the most common cause of over dried hair, that’s why I have my new hair bff with me; the Cream Silk Fresh Hydration conditioner.

Ayesha Heart at SM Kenko Spa for Sparomatherapy

After I cool down, it’s time to rest for a couple of mins. or so for my pulse rate and blood pressure to come back to normal. I have a cup of tea at the lounge. You can repeat the cycle as the heat and cold is an exercise for your circulatory system and skin as well. Next step is to enjoy the four hour usage of pool yay! YASSSS! I’m so lucky to have the pool alone, I’m able to enjoy it exclusively  SPELL VIP!

Ayesha Heart at SM Kenko Spa for Sparomatherapy Experience

Poolside chill sessions have never looked this good! <3

After this, I take a good bath and prepare for their signature 60 mins full body massage.

My massage therapist is very professional, she asks me each time if her hand pressure is sufficient. She knows what she’s doing and able to locate my body aches.  I am happy with the massage experience, I almost fell asleep.  The room has a very low light, no sound and well secured. I wish they could put a calm music in the room for a total relaxation experience; nonetheless, it’s the best!

My Experience with SM Kenko Sparomatherapy

I’ve absolutely tried saunas before for numerous times already and SM Kenko Spa is similar to the Japanese type of Onsen (温泉) . I only have two cents: I wish they could add relaxing music in the Sauna & the massage room and I wish they include a buffet offer in the package: D I felt hungry after swimming. There’s a bar in the pool area but I am not sure if they serve foods (it’s still OK even if there’s an additional amount in the Sparomatherapy package). The staffs are all nice; they assist me all the time with all smiles in their faces. I feel like a Queen during my stay! It is an experience that you should absolutely try for at least once in your life.


What do you think about SM Kenko Sparomatherapy?

Would you like to try it? Why or why not?

Have you experienced sauna before? How was it?


Pamper.. Relax.. Renew…

SM Kenko Spa | Facebook 
Winford Hotel Manila
11th floor Winford Hotel, Manila

Thank you JDR Marketing, Jeffrey De Real Rusios, event marketing coordinator. I can’t wait to visit the SM Kenko Spa at Networld Hotel.


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