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Gold Necklaces that Make an Impact

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I’m excited to be talking about some really beautiful accessories in today’s post! I’ll be sharing with you all how accessories like pretty, chic gold necklaces can really make an outfit outstanding. You know how I am all about collecting quality investment pieces from my favorite jewelry stores. I always tell everyone I know to invest in jewelries like necklaces that are versatile because it is the key to having a highly functioning fashion outfits and you can also style it in several different ways; wearing accessories with a casual look for a quick afternoon lunch date with friends or loved ones, dainty, posh necklaces to complete your outfit for a date night with your partner, or stunning and sparkling pendant necklace for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.


I love having birthstone and pearl dangle gold necklaces in my collection. They are so pretty and elegant and I feel more confident and beautiful whenever I wear them. I also love choker and chain style necklaces to update my go-to minimalist outfit. I think you really going to want to check these out. There is just something so chic about jewelries and definitely an essential that everyone should have in their accessories stash.

I never knew I had an eye for necklaces until I started collecting them. I always like to switch up the accessories on my outfits I wear often to make them look new and fresh style. Sometimes all you really need is one eye-catching piece to make a great outfit. It adds an extra style making people turn heads to my whole look.

Letter charm pendant necklace is also a favorite. I have been somewhat obsessed with this trend at the moment. It looks like you are adding a personal touch on it perfect for your initials, or secret messages. I bet you, these are a must-have to complete your look! They are a perfect accessory for any outfit!

I also feel naked without my diamond necklace! They really are the perfect fit every time in any look. The great thing about this is that you can wear and style it in so many different ways. It can eliminate the need for more jewelries and thus saving money.

It is so fun playing with different styles of necklaces! Be it layered, choker, chain, collar and more, it is an endless way of styling and completing your whole look. How about you? What are some of your favorite necklace style to wear to complete your look? Let me know in the comments below.

What Small Shoulder Bags Should Every Woman Have?

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Women should have a small shoulder bag in the closet, right? No matter she has been worked for years or still learn in college as a young student, they all can‘t without a shoulder bag in life cause it will be very inconvenient to take the cellphone, lipstick, perfume, or others when they go out, especially going shopping. 

Shoulder bags that are popular can’t last for a long time. The products are changed so quickly, that the customer who has a deep love in them must pay a lot of money for it. If your choice is the famous brand, just like Prada, Channel, or Dior, you may need to cut your expenditure in eating、make-up, and travel., then you can buy it.
Is it worthy? Of course not. The most expensive bag is not necessarily the best thing for you. When we can’t pay more money in Luxury bags, rational consumption is the best solution to solve your problem. 

Now, there is some online shop where can provide you cheap package, such as is a website that sells women dresses, shoes, accessories, and cheap shoulder bags. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular bags:
1、Black Alligator Bag With Handle
The black alligator shoulder bag is a very common color that can be seen everywhere. But we need to know even though the black color is not brilliant, the black is also a symbol color of elegance. And the surface texture of the bag is like crocodile leather so that the shoulder bag looks very textured. 

In addition to the black color and the crocodile, the design of this bag can also be switched between the shoulder strap and hand-holding. If you feel tired, you can wear this bag in your shoulder or hold it by hand when you think you must be an elegant woman.
2、Barrel-shaped Shoulder Bag
The second recommend bag is the Barrel-shaped Shoulder Bag. If you have attention to the development of the bag’s fashion, you may found the barrel-shaped bag just appeared in a few years. Why do I recommend this bag to you? 
Although it is not a classical style because it doesn’t have a long history, the bold design of barrel-shaped has been breakthrough the version that the classic model does not have. It can prevent others from carrying the same bag. 

The classical style of the bag can let you wear for a lot of years so that you will not feel distressed the money spent, but the new bags can get some feelings you never have. Why don’t you try a new thing? 
3、Brown Leather Bags
The shoulder bags in the picture below are called Brown Leather Bags. the difference of bag is leather material that good for waterproofing, and then the overall design of this bag is relatively simple. Because of these characteristics, women who wear this bag will be more generous and decent.

if you are a girl in 18 to 23 years, it may be not suitable for you. While you are professional women who need to be more mature and formal not young and cute, l think you are more interested in this one. 
4、Transparent PVC Shoulder Bags
This bag is also very popular among young girls nowadays. The name is simply a transparent shoulder bag. From the name of this bag, we can know that this bag features transparency.
Its design does not pay attention to the safety of the bag like other bags but uses a transparent design to make the inside of the bag transparent so that we can directly observe the inside of the bag from the outside.

Because the design of this bag is very special, we don’t need to consider safety factors when we buy this bag, it’s more good-looking and beautiful. Excluding the fact that it is not safe enough, it is quite good for girls to carry this bag to the Street shot.
The shoulder bags introduced above are just some of the styles sold by, and more types have not been listed. If you need it, you can directly log in to the website to browse the required information. From this, you don’t need to spend precious time choosing a product in a hot physical store but can enjoy the cool condition online.

What To Look For When Buying Your First Rolex Watch

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Image source: Pixabay

When it comes to making major purchases, it is essential that you ensure what you are buying is worth the investment, and getting yourself a luxury watch such as a Rolex is one such investment. Rolex is among the top brands and surely won’t disappoint. If you fancy owning a Rolex, then here is a guide to help you acquire one of their exquisite timepieces.

Have A Budget Set

Consider the amount you are willing to spend. Your quest for the perfect watch must always start with the amount of money in your hands, whether you get a new Rolex or a second-hand one. Having a budget set aside should help you decide which piece to get. You may want to shop around and check some pieces out to have an idea how much these watches cost.

Rather than wasting your time driving around from one location to another, visiting shops can be as easy and convenient as just opening websites, including those of online antique dealers specializing in luxury timepieces. These dealers often have impressive catalogue of fine antique and modern pieces, and there surely will be a piece that will catch your fancy. The pieces are also guaranteed to be authentic and in good working order.

Know Authentic Vs. Replica

Image source: Pexels

When it comes to luxury timepieces, authenticity is on top of the list of the things you have to look for, and Rolex is the most replicated of all prominent luxury watch brands. The counterfeit pieces can be so obvious such as the ones that are sold cheaply in a street market in Bangkok, but there are also timepieces so perfectly replicated that only an expert can tell whether they are authentic or not.

To be certain of a Rolex watch’s authenticity, you have to ask for a certificate, which often comes with genuine pieces at the time of purchase. The dealer would also have no qualms about sharing to you a bit of the history of the piece.

Don’t Shy Away From Used Pieces

Either you get a brand new Rolex or a pre-loved one, it will be money well-spent. Rolex watches are crafted to stand the test of time, which makes even used timepieces of this brand valuable. In fact, a second-hand Rolex watch that is serviced at regular intervals will appreciate in value. Shops like stock a very extensive catalog of many different styles of Rolex watches. Check out their collection and there will be something that fits not only your budget, but also your style.

Get One in Your Style

Speaking of style, get one that you would love wearing, whether on a daily basis or just on special occasions. Fret not, as these dealers has an impressive collection for you to choose from, and there surely will be a something that would suit your personality. Purchasing a piece from these online antique dealers also ensures you a solid warranty. Their timepieces are fully serviced before being offered up for sale. Each piece also comes with an authenticity certificate.

Image source: Pixabay

The first purchase of a Rolex is often the start of a collection, as who would not want to have more than one of these spectacular pieces. They make for a very good investment, as when you would be in need of quick cash, reputable pawn shops would be willing to give you a good deal for one of these timepieces.

You might get tempted into buying the first Rolex piece you see, especially one at a discounted price, but don’t rush. Read up and learn as much as you can about the brand’s different models; it will help you make the right choice and steer clear of replicas. Buying an authentic luxury watch from a reputable online antique dealer will ensure you get to enjoy for many years the sheer perfection that is a Rolex watch, the best made timepiece in the world.