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I Finally Tried Sugar Waxing at Whipped Salon for Months and This Is What Happened

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I Finally Tried Sugar Waxing at Whipped Salon for Months and This Is What Happened

Sugar Waxing at Whipped Salon

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If you are a passionate reader of my humble blog and been following my Sugar waxing journey at Whipped Salon since DAY ONE, you probably learned a thing or two about Sugar wax and Scrub. I have sensitive skin that’s why I believe sugaring is the best choice for me and it’s one of the reasons why I signed the contract with Whipped Salon. I’ve learned that Sugaring is an all-natural hair removal and hype-allergenic method, less painful and re-growth of hair is slower so this method lasts up to 7 weeks I say which is comparable when you undergo laser treatment.

I’m always excited every time I have an appointment at Whipped Salon because they have so many sweet services. I had my Eyebrow + Underarm Sugar waxing,  Full Leg Sugar Waxing, Caramel Scrubbing: Underarm and the list goes on and I can’t wait to try the rest of their servicesI know you all are waiting for my judgment if it is fail or Holy Grail, my skin score as well as if I am satisfied with the result, read on loves I have an advice at the end of my post *winks

How Sugar Waxing Salon Makes Me Feel

Our skin is affected by many causes- the environment, the food we eat, skin care products and the like. Of course there are:

SHAVING – the most convenient routine but eew no! It leaves the skin feeling sandpaper-like.
WAXING – So wrong! Stop it. It breaks hair causing an even bigger problem: Ingrown.
LASER TREATMENTS – It will make my hair disappear and so my money. No, thank you

We only have one skin, wear it well! Do something today that your future self will thank you for.  I’ve never been happy with my skin after all those waxing and scrubbing at Whipped Salon.  My skin has never been smooth and fair. It makes my skin oh so sweet, I want to eat it!

Whipped Sugar Waxing

It makes me feel good! So worthy! Who knew a little Sugaring and Scrubbing would change my life?! I certainly did take it to this next level of my beauty maintenance.  Thank you to the Whipped Salon beauty technician/cosmetologists for being so gentle and super nice with my skin during my visits. Shout out to my Queens and Boss Babes you have to visit them!

Take my advice try Sugar Wax and Scrub. I am certain that once you try sugaring, you’ll never go back to waxing!

Get exceptional service and a sweet experience at the ff. Whipped Salon branches; (1.) 3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces (2.) 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center (3.)  2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center


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