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SugarHouse 2018 Christmas Treats

Sugar House Christmas Treats
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SugarHouse 2018 Christmas Treats

SugarHouse 2018 Christmas Treats is all about giving you happiness in every bite. Their first branch opened in July 1983 and by year 2008 then underwent a major expansion. A total of 7 stores; 4 of which are full dine-in stores; they have cakes, pastries, and the complete meals menu. Two of which are semi dine-in stores serving cakes and selected menu items; and lastly, one of which is a kiosk serving cakes & pastries only. Sugarhouse is committed to excellence for 30 years and well-known for their sweet treats and they are going extra mile for a remarkable service to consumers and of course value for money.

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Come Home to Good Taste – To Sugarhouse

Whether you crave desserts, cakes, a cup of Coffee, you can always come home to good taste – to Sugarhouse! It is everyone’s favorite place to give in to their cravings and for special celebrations too. Sugarhouse invited me to try their bestsellers and their newest products for Christmas. Hint: These two special are always present when dining with a Filipino family on Christmas day.

Carrot Loaf

This baby is gone in 2 sec. 😀 I super love their Carrot loaf!

Two Wonderful Sugar House Christmas Treats

SugarHouse Quezo De Bola and Ensaimada Christmas Specials

Today’s spotlight is Sugarhouse’s two special Christmas products; Leche Flan and Quezo De Bola Ensaimada. It is peculiarly distinctive, feels like home indeed when you get a taste of Sugarhouse products. The Leche Flan is very smooth and creamy; it’s perfect! You wouldn’t want to miss this luscious dessert. Their best selling Ensaimada topped with real Edam cheese, it’s love at first bite!

SugarHouse 2018 Christmas Catalogue

SugarHouse 2018 Christmas Catalogue SugarHouse 2018 Christmas Catalogue

It’s beginning to look like Christmas! 🎅

“Come home to good taste, come home to Sugarhouse..”

SugarHouse: Love at First Bite

SugarHouse Loaves

Sugar House’s Loaves (save the best for last ^ ^ ) 

Sugar House Salted Caramel & Chocolate Popcorn 

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Popcorn 

Sugar House Polvoron

Sugar House Polvoron

Sugar House Chocolate Truffles

Sugar House Chocolate Truffles

I am so thrilled to taste some of their best-sellers too! Even more, I am Instantly fascinated by the sensation of the loaves (Taisan, Banana, Orange Butter, Orange Raisin, Pound cake). I get to try the Fruit cake, Carrot loaf, Popcorn, Polvoron, Chocolate Truffles cake, you guys have to try ’em all! So, if you are looking for special gifts this Christmas or you’re just craving sweets that is worth your money, go to Sugarhouse. You will enter the premises hungry but you will leave the place with a delightful and satisfying experience.

SugarHouse 2018 Christmas Treats

The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. STAY SAFE, EAT CAKE! 😜 

My faves from Sugarhouse🥕 Carrot Loaf 🍞Quezo de Bola Ensaimadas 🍮Leche Flan 🎂 Chocolate Truffles cake 🍿Salted Caramel & Chocolate Popcorn. 

Thank you SugarHouse PH for the invite and for having me to try your new 2018 Christmas sweets. I will definitely come back and bring my family!

SugarHouse Birthday Week Promo

SugarHouse Birthday week promo

Birthday celebrants get 20% off on your birthday week at Sugarhouse. Promo period is within 2018 so message them on Facebook for reservations and for more details.

SUGARHOUSE | Facebook | Instagram

(02)550-2985 to 86


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