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Create, Curate, Collaborate and Celebrate at The Bazket

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Create, Curate, Collaborate and Celebrate at The Bazket

The Bazket officially launched their website last June 8, 2016 at Warehouse Eight, Makati in a gathering of artisans, crafters and Entrepreneurs. This exclusive event showcased some products from esteemed THE BAZKET collaborators.


Manila, Philippines June 8, 2016 – SUNDAY #OnlyTheFinest ‪#‎UniquelyBetterTogether

The Bazket gathers the finest goods from skilled artisans and selected merchants. They keep in mind the quality, design and functionality of a product in sifting thousands of existing pieces thus; Their main purpose is bring consumers the ideal assortment may it be a simple shirt or an elegant overcoat. The Bazket is an aesthetic amalgamation of unparalleled creations ranging from urban subtleties, minimalist essentials, to sophisticated effects all for your exquisite consumption.

Products on display, video on loop, good music playing, food’s ready. Ahhh, it’s getting more exciting to know more about this one-of-a-kind online venture.

Bazaar x Market

The Bazket combines the creative feature of the bazaar and the reliable nature of the market and brings it online, creating a unique start-up where handmade and hard-to-find products form homegrown brands are sold. Banking on the exclusive The Bazket experience, the platforms offers the functional, the essential and the artisan from an exclusive circle of collaborators.

Always on the lookout for the simple but beautiful, the platform is to be kept alive by a community of individuals called collaborators. They ranged from gifted and talented artisans who make sure that each of their products are works of art to individuals who want to share their experiences in form of old trinkets they hold close to their hearts.

#OnlyTheFinest Products

From home decor to clothes to the little extra that makes up extraordinary, The Bazket offers minimalist goods, rustic crafts and vintage items. Carefully crafted, sifted and packaged, these goods fall under eight different categories thought to reflect the personal lifestyle of the individuals.

Al Fresco offers flowers, plants and green goods for your backyard or your balcony.
Wardrobe gives a selection of clothes in the minimalist style brought by basic cuts and quality fabrics.
Nourishment brings about delicious food items.
Travel Trove collects travel goods and finds form around the different corners of the world.
Home Goods features choice furniture, fixtures and home decors.
Enhancements focus on objects that makes every day more special; watches, electronics and the like.
Accessories has bracelets, necklaces, rings and other pretty baubles.
Think Tank showcases writing instruments and paper products.

Sharing, not Showing

More than just an online shop, The Bazket is a community that is #uniquelyBetterTogether. Aside from promoting homegrown brands with quality products, the venture advocates protecting the environment. Supporting eco-friendly ways of delivering goods, The Bazket partners with Mensaheros to deliver packages via mountain bikes to customers in metro Manila.

“The Bazket is not actually just an e-commerce,” claims Ivan Payawal, ½ of The Bazket. “What we are building is a community, a family of independent artisans. We want to uplift Filipino products into a global brand.” The celebration aims not just to show what the brand is about, but to share what The Bazket has to offer.

“I’m calling all home grown brands to stand with each other and continue all efforts to promote local goods. Whether you’re getting a gift for yourself or for your special someone, always remember that there are homegrown goods at par with all our favorite imported brands.” Adds Jec Valencia, the other half of The Bazket, “Someday, our local goods will be the favorite foreign brand of people overseas and with your patronage, this vision will come to reality.”

The Bazket is welcome to working with those who share the same vision and passion. For more information, visit The Bazket Facebook page or the website.



PS. Thank you for inviting me to witness this very successful launch. Congratulations Ivan & Jec! I had a great time. Thank you for the gift  ❤ I can’t wait to get my hands on those scented candles, delish food items and paper products.

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