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Loopy Advertising: Beauty and Wellness Event

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Makati, Philippines- The first Loopy Beauty and Wellness Event happened last October 3, 2019, at Oddspace 7/F Finman Centre 131 Tordesillas St. Salcedo Village Makati City.

“Our goal is for the brands to personally meet and introduce their products and services to media for future collaboration, this will be a quarterly event from different industries” according to Loopy Advertising Owners. 

This event was made to bring together Beauty and Wellness Brands, Media, Bloggers, and Influencers into a one-of-a-kind meet and greet event,  wherein they could interact with each other, to gain connection and engagement in order to achieve a breakthrough in terms of influencing a large audience in the Philippines.

On the said event, brands like Facial Plus by Bioessence, Luminisce, Sun Smart, Age Defying Solutions, The Skin Bureau, Victoria Skin, and L’aroma Home Fragrances was given a chance to speak and talk about different topics that caters the needs of their target market and educate the media about the up-to-date trends on the beauty community.

Event Sponsors

Age Defying Solutions | Facebook | Instagram
L’aroma Home Fragrances | Facebook | Instagram
Facial Plus by Bioessence |Facebook | Instagram
SunSmart | Facebook | Instagram

Other generous sponsors: Natural Extract, Victoria Skin Philosophy, Luminisce, Natural Extract, The Skin Bureau, Anytime Fitness

About Loopy Advertising

Loopy Advertising is a pocket advertising and PR agency that offers a multi-channel marketing strategy. With the winning combination of reach for both offline and online expertise of Managing Partners Rose Salamat – Arias and Bing Viray-Ramillano, they have made Loopy Advertising an indispensable partner for any business that aims to increase visibility and ultimately, capture market share.

LOOPY Advertising | Website| Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer: Product/s mentioned on this post were provided by the company or the PR that works in behalf of the company for free/product review. All reviews I publish are my own honest and unbiased opinion. Press samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of my product reviews. Post contains a link to a product page, shopping through this link will not result to a commission. Thank you for supporting the brands that love

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What to Do In a Dental Emergency

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You could find yourself in a dental emergency any time of the day or night, and your regular dentist may not be open when you experience your problem. If this is the case, the first thing to do is to ensure that you do not panic and remain as calm as possible. You can find a lot of advice on the website covering a range of different dental emergencies such as a knocked out tooth or a toothache, and below is some information on the most common problems that people experience.

Remain Clam and Assess The Situation

If the injured party is a member of your family or someone that you know the first thing to do is keep calm. You will want to assess the situation and decide whether the situation warrants calling the emergency services, which may be prudent if the person has received a blow which has knocked out a tooth.

Handle the Tooth Correctly

If there has been a tooth knocked out, then you will want to collect this and visit your Gold Coast dentist as quickly as you can, no matter if it is an adult or a baby tooth. When you handle the tooth, you will want to pick it up only by the top of the tooth, which is the crown, and make sure that you do not touch the roots. Place the tooth in a clean container and pour milk over the tooth which will help to preserve it, and make the injured person rinse their mouth with warm saltwater to help keep the wound clean and get rid of any debris. You will also want to get the person to an emergency dentist as quickly as you can so that they can look at the situation and treat it accordingly, hopefully saving the tooth.

Dealing With A Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth may not be as urgent, but you will still want to deal with the situation effectively to prevent any complications. Assess if the person has any other injuries and call the emergency services if you need to, collect the fragments of the tooth if possible and place these in a clean container with milk. Mix some salt with warm water and have them rinse out their mouths to clean any debris. An ice pack held to the injured jaw will help to reduce the swelling in the mouth, and if there is a pain, there are many different products that you can purchase over the counter at your local pharmacy that do not require a prescription. Although you may not need to visit an out-of-hours dentist for this type of injury, you will want to ensure that you visit the dentist the following day to get it looked at and repaired.

Wellness & Contraception: What You Need to Know

Wellness & Contraception: What You need to Know
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Wellness & Contraception, how much do you know about these? Despite the availability and accessibility of different types of contraceptive methods. accelerating the acceptance and utilization is still hindered by misconceptions and lack of knowledge on modern contraception. Up to date, there are still many that are shy to talk about these topics, WE SHOULD NOT! As the government intensifies the implementation of its family planning program in the next four years, much more needs to be done to educate Filipinos about the importance of reproductive health and to correct the misconceptions about modern contraception.

TRENDING: Hair Regrow: The Root Problem

“Following the launch of the first World Contraception Day Philippines in 2018. we want to continue the conversation to empower and educate Filipino women and coup|es to make informed choices about their reproductive and sexual health,” shared by Junll Kim, Country Division Head, Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Wellness & Contraception: The Stigma on Birth Control

Via Antonio, actress and comedian, talked about her own experiences in pursuit of better reproductive and physical health. “In this day and age, reproductive health remains to be a taboo topic, even among women. Many are using contraception for various reasons yet no one is openly talking about it. The stigma on birth control is alive.” Dr. Amity Casurao-Trono, Obstetrician and Gynecologist at St. Luke’s Medical Center 0C and Rizal Medical Center, shed light on the myths and misconceptions about modern contraceptives during her “Pillowtalk” session this afternoon.

Wellness & Contraception: Making the Better Choice

Oral contraceptives or the pill remains to be one of the most effective and preferred form of modern contraception among Filipinas because they are convenient, non-invasive and reversible. It comes in two types -the combined oral contraceptive (COC) pill, which contains both progestin and estrogen hormones and the Mini Pill or progestin-only pill (POP).

Most Commonly Used Contraception

Remember: Progestin is the main contraceptive ingredient that prevents ovulation, thins out the uterine lining and thickens cervical mucus such that sperm cannot pass through. Ethinyl estradiol, the synthetic female hormone, stabilizes the endometrium and enhances the action of progestin.

Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills: THE MYTHS

Wellness & Contraception:  The Myths

Pills do not cause birth defects: No adverse effects were observed when COCs were accidentally taken during early pregnancy. Past COC use is not associated with an increase in spontaneous abortions.

Pills do not increase cancer risk:
Studies have not established strong and direct links between breast cancer and pill usage. In fact, the risk of cancer lowered with CDC use. It reduces risks for certain cancers such as ovarian cancer (~40% lower), endometrial cancer (~50% lower) and colorectal cancer (~20% lower)”. However, it does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases.

Pills do not make you infertile: 21% of women get pregnant after one month of stopping taking 0005 and 79% get pregnant after one year of stopping.“

Pills, depending on the formulation and indication, also treat a variety of hormone-related conditions and imbalances such as hyperandrogenism, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a severe and debilitating form of PMS. Over 88% of women receiving COCs report no adverse effects.

Aside from preventing unintended pregnancies, selected COC pills offer added benefits beyond contraception such as:

  • Reducing estrogen-related fluid retention and bloating because of its antimineralocorticoid property.
  • It regulates hormonal problems such as acne, facial hair and hair loss due to its anti-androgenic quality.

Some Common Side Effects

Like any other medication, it comes with some common side effects such as: Nausea, breast tenderness and headache, which are tolerable. Some contraindications to taking the pills are presence or history of Deep Vein Thrombosis, Pulmonary Embolism, Myocardial Infarction, Ischemic stroke, Transient ischemic attack, angina, Severe liver disease, DM with vascular disease, Migraine with aura, Breast cancer, Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, known or suspected pregnancy, smokers > 35 y/o, severe lipid disease and uncontrolled hypertension.

Dr. Casurao-Trono reiterates that, “It’s time for women to take a more active stance in taking control of their reproductive and sexual health. We should be able to normalize these discussions, without the fear of being shamed or embarrassed.”

To learn more about contraception and reproductive health, visit or visit

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