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Change your hair removal habit with Sugar Waxing at Whipped Salon

Leg Sugar Waxing at Whipped Salon
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Change your hair removal habit with Sugar Waxing at Whipped Salon

Less pain, sexy, hair-free legs. Sound too good to be true? Think again. Let’s face it girls, we are all so tired of pre-wax anxiety and post-wax blisters that’s why recently, I sought out a gentler alternative: Sugaring.

Ayesha Heart was lucky to be part of Whipped Salon family. I LOVE YOU GUYS, YOU ARE AMAZING! Last month, I got to try the Eyebrow + Underarm Sugar waxing service and I was so stoked, I didn’t expect the painless method. Double clap! No, make it Three *winks

And it’s that time again of the month to reward myself. Girls, always remember “NEVER GET SO BUSY MAKING A LIVING THAT YOU FORGET TO MAKE A LIFE.” Go, get that soft, supple, smooth skin you deserve. Never, ever forget to pamper yourself. It’s not selfish to love yourself, to take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary!

This time, I tried their Full Leg Sugar Waxing. I have fine hairs so I know Sugaring is much better for my skin. Didn’t wax my legs last month to see if it hurts during the procedure so I am challenging you Whipped Salon!

So, my gorgeous beauty technician/cosmetologist Ms. Nimfa started to clean my leg part and immediately begin the Sugar waxing procedure. First question you may ask – Is it painful? Well, there’s a slight tingling sensation like taking it off from the skin AT FIRST.

Hair removal with Sugar Waxing at Whipped Salon

Hair removal with Sugar Waxing at Whipped Salon

Please know that skin sensitivity varies, after a while I don’t feel pain anymore so I am happy again that’s why during the procedure I had a fun and short chat with Ms. Nimfa. She didn’t forget to remind me the precautions after Waxing. Good job girl! Whipped Salon crews are so nice and cheerful, plus points to them YESSS! Good job guys!

See how happy and satisfied I am with Whipped Salon’s service!

AyeshaHeart for Whipped Salon

If you are going to ask me which is better: Sugaring or Waxing? I will definitely go for SUGARING!

  • I feel like sugar is way better just because you’re not going to get the same level of inflammation as you would with waxing.

Change your removal habit and visit Whipped salon in (1.) 3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces (2.) 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center (3.)  2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center and be ready to get Whipped.

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