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This is a Shoe Story

Shoe story
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What is a Shoe-holic?


  • One who covets shoes and who owns more than they can wear in…. ever.
  •  A condition in which an individual owns more than 60 pairs of shoes

For me shoe shopping is my stress reliever. My shopping sesh isn’t complete without grabbing pairs of killer heels, YASSS! Hello 6 inches heels ^ ^ I feel so happy and as per Rebecca Bloomwood, Confession of a Shopaholic -> “When I shop, the world gets better.”

 photo cos_zpszv5wabwo.gif

Aside from bags, clothing and accessories, shoes is definitely another weakness for women. Both women and men consider shoes to be a big part of one’s style. Agree? Or agree! I was browsing the net this afternoon and one fashion site has a recent study about this. Some people were asked to rank the level of appeal, confidence, kindness and wealth.

Be it statement high heels, stylish sneakers, ballet flats, running shoes, wedges or sandals it says a lot about your character, it says a lot about a person.Oh, this is getting interesting! Let’s see what our shoes says about us! Finish reading till the end of my post *winks and  

Photo credit: Ebay

Thoughts? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this. Let me know also if you are more into heels or into flats. Stay tuned for my “The $0 Trick to Walk in Heels Without Pain.


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