Top Gift Ideas for This Valentine’s Day

Top Gift Ideas for This Valentine’s Day
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Top Gift Ideas for This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is already knocking on the door, and we think you should make this one to remember. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few ideas for him and her!

A Massage

You cannot beat the serenity and togetherness of a couple’s massage. It’s romantic, full of spoils and you get to destress together and just catch up on life.

Personalized Photo Book

How many amazing memories do you share with your true love? Probably plenty, so why not print out a custom photo book you can both look at all year round to remember those special moment?

A Personal Card

You don’t have to go all crafty on your loved one, unless you want to, of course. But why not order a customised greeting card and write a heartfelt message in it? We’re sure this one will bring out all the good feels.

Concert Tickets

Buying your significant other tickets to check out their favorite act live is a sure-fire way to knock their socks off this year. It shows you just get what they like, and you care about it, too! Why not end the event off with the ultimate gift, a pink diamond engagement ring on Valentine’s Day?

Something for the Chef

Whether he or she is the cook of the house, you can gift your partner a personalised chopping board so they can think of you every time they prepare something special.

For the Fashionista in Your Life

For the Fashionista in Your Life

If she loves fashion but you feel hopeless approaching the cosmetics counter, order her a personalized makeup bag to help her keep organised and keep you on her mind every time she reaches for her lip-gloss.

A Few DIY Valentine’s Ideas

You could always go the DIY route and truly show the love of your life how much you care. If your beloved likes a tipple, consider creating a homemade sangria kit, complete with pitcher, wine and fruit. Then, make the sangria together to go with your Valentine’s dinner. Or, rustle up a rustic picture frame. All you have to do is attach four pieces of wood with the glue gun, staple some string across the back and stick in your favourite picture of the two of you. Alternatively, work your way right to their heart through their sweet tooth with some homemade cookies.

Some Unique Gift Ideas

Looking for something completely different? Ditch the flowers and chocolates and consider a compendium of board games or a surprise holiday. OR both – you can have fun with the board games during your relaxing trip!

If you’re on a budget, consider getting your beloved a copy of their favorite book or even a pretty succulent in a funky pot – it’s something you could nurture together.

Long-Distance Love

Long-Distance Love

Finally, if you’re spending Valentine’s Day with miles between you, you can still make it special. Consider a dual zone watch so you know exactly what time it is on the other side, a key chain that’ll leave him or her thinking about you every day and, of course, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers delivered to the door.

Whatever your budget or relationship, you can make this a Valentine’s Day to remember!

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