A Toast To Female Friendship This Valentines Day

A Toast To Female Friendship This Valentines Day
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Valentines Day!!! Don’t chew wish your gal pals were hot like mine… Hello single ladies, who says you have to be sad, down this Valentine’s day? It is not a day to be lonely Queens! It is actually a good thing and a good excuse to enjoy the good things in life – UNATTACHED! Celebrate the love you have for these special ladies, your girlfriends – the ones who were there for your achievements, first dates, first cry, breakups, etc.

It’s time to switch things up and put a smile on your face this Valentines Day. Forget about looking for your date, invite your BFF’s for a day/night of fun; movie marathon, SPArty, vision board party, games, cooking party that you will never forget.

Watch Chick Flick Movies And Chill

I have watched Legally Blonde, the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s ( hello to the original Queen; Audrey Hepburn), Mean Girls, and the list goes on many times. What’s your favorite chick flick movie? Today is an amazing day to watch a movie. These makes me happy especially when watching with friends; a totally fun idea for a casual night-in. Oh, don’t forget to prepare yummy snacks to eat during the movie.

mani pedi party


Have nail art ideas? have your BFF’s over for a Valentines Day mani/pedi party! Prepare bottles of your fave nail polishes, a polish remover, cotton balls, blings… There are tons of nail art ideas online, try to do it with your girls and snap an IG story to show the world!

Vision Board Party

First time to hear this? Lend me your ear girls, this is a fun, effective way to reach your goals! Have your girls bring board, magazines, scissors, glue sticks on Valentines Day. Each one of you share their dreams/goals. Cut images in your magazines that represents your dreams, put it on the board with your 6-month goal details. Follow-up with a 6th month vision board party to see how and what everyone is doing to reach their goals.


Old-fashioned game is the best! Asked your aunt or mom to teach it to you if you have no idea. The generation 80-90’s games are way more fun and crazy ha-ha 😀 Play games this Valentines Day with a twist!

A Toast To Female Friendship This Valentines Day

Makeup/Clothing Party

Stay at home ladies, you’re too pretty to have to look for a parking spot. Get all of your BFF’s to bring 5 or more items that they would want to exchange with the rest of the ladies. Set it up and tell everyone to take equal amount as they brought.

Cooking Party

Food is life! Have passion in cooking? Impress your BFF’s, cook something delish for everyone to enjoy that day/night. Don’t know how to cook? Ask your BFF expert for a recipe, instructions and cook impromptu like you’re in a cooking show. Taste it together and share some love rankings on how it tastes.

Comment away for more suggestions! I’d love to read it.

So this FEBRUARY 14th; V-day, make sure to make the most out of it. It’s a day of opportunity to take on life together. Send your beautiful gals extra love and have fun. Raise a toast to female friendship! And in the words of our Queen B, “Who Runs the World? GIRLS.”

Free printable Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts here.

Who says Valentine’s Day is only for grown-ups? Kids can also join in the fun in the season of love. Carrot Ink’s Printable Learning presents our free Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts for Kids. This free printable features several cute coloring pages that kids will surely enjoy filling in with crayon, coloring pens, and other coloring materials. It also comes with printable Valentine’s ornaments that kids can use to decorate their bedrooms or classroom. There’s also an adorable Valentine’s card in there! You can print as many of these cards and ask the kids to give them to their parents, siblings, and friends. Don’t forget to let them write a short dedication!

Download our free printable Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts here.

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