Vicks PH Touch of Care Video: What Is It All About

Vicks PH Touch of Care Video:
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Vicks Philippines just released their 2nd moving video on their social media sites. I was teary-eyed watching the moving video. A true story of how the power of #TouchOfCare had given a helpless baby the chance to see the beautiful creation of God. I’m overwhelmed by this heart-warming story, a perfect chance to give light on an often disregarded and misunderstood disease and undo the stigma of HIV. The video featured Agnes, a mother who took care of a little boy that was given to her one night. Unbeknownst to her is that the little boy is infected with HIV and the story evolves with her struggle to take care of him. Under Agnes’ loving care, the little boy survives and lives a normal life (with HIV lying dormant). True enough that regardless of our background, the mother in all of us knows that anyone deserves a touch of care and love.V

My Own Touch of Care Story

My cousin had to go out of the country to work and provide the needs of her children. She did not have that perfect family and all she has is me. She lived in our house when her parents left for business abroad. We grew up together and we treated each other more than sisters. When she gave birth to her twins, I made sure that she felt my support.

I looked after her twins who are now 8 yrs old, very beautiful and smart kids. They call me Tita Mommy and we always do fun things every day; help them with school works, sing and dance during free time and accompany them to their Sunday school in our church. Right before they sleep, we do video calls to update her with our daily lives and fun stuff in their school. I promised my cousin that no matter what, she can count on me until she comes back home. I can so relate to Vicks’ true-to-life video; one lesson is that you don’t need to be the legit mom to show your love and care.

Vicks PH Touch Of Care Story: Spread the Awareness

Vicks PH Touch of Care Video

Vicks’ advertisement goes beyond my expectations hu-hu. We can end the stigma on HIV. WE CAN END IT! Help me spread the awareness that everyone deserves a #TouchOfCare through watching and sharing the campaign video of Vicks. Thank you Vicks for spreading the awareness on the topic of HIV.

Have you seen the video yet? Did you get teary-eyed too? Watch it below.

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