What Small Shoulder Bags Should Every Woman Have?

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Women should have a small shoulder bag in the closet, right? No matter she has been worked for years or still learn in college as a young student, they all can‘t without a shoulder bag in life cause it will be very inconvenient to take the cellphone, lipstick, perfume, or others when they go out, especially going shopping. 

Shoulder bags that are popular can’t last for a long time. The products are changed so quickly, that the customer who has a deep love in them must pay a lot of money for it. If your choice is the famous brand, just like Prada, Channel, or Dior, you may need to cut your expenditure in eating、make-up, and travel., then you can buy it.
Is it worthy? Of course not. The most expensive bag is not necessarily the best thing for you. When we can’t pay more money in Luxury bags, rational consumption is the best solution to solve your problem. 

Now, there is some online shop where can provide you cheap package, such as wholesale7.net. Wholesale7.net is a website that sells women dresses, shoes, accessories, and cheap shoulder bags. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular bags:
1、Black Alligator Bag With Handle
The black alligator shoulder bag is a very common color that can be seen everywhere. But we need to know even though the black color is not brilliant, the black is also a symbol color of elegance. And the surface texture of the bag is like crocodile leather so that the shoulder bag looks very textured. 

In addition to the black color and the crocodile, the design of this bag can also be switched between the shoulder strap and hand-holding. If you feel tired, you can wear this bag in your shoulder or hold it by hand when you think you must be an elegant woman.
2、Barrel-shaped Shoulder Bag
The second recommend bag is the Barrel-shaped Shoulder Bag. If you have attention to the development of the bag’s fashion, you may found the barrel-shaped bag just appeared in a few years. Why do I recommend this bag to you? 
Although it is not a classical style because it doesn’t have a long history, the bold design of barrel-shaped has been breakthrough the version that the classic model does not have. It can prevent others from carrying the same bag. 

The classical style of the bag can let you wear for a lot of years so that you will not feel distressed the money spent, but the new bags can get some feelings you never have. Why don’t you try a new thing? 
3、Brown Leather Bags
The shoulder bags in the picture below are called Brown Leather Bags. the difference of bag is leather material that good for waterproofing, and then the overall design of this bag is relatively simple. Because of these characteristics, women who wear this bag will be more generous and decent.

if you are a girl in 18 to 23 years, it may be not suitable for you. While you are professional women who need to be more mature and formal not young and cute, l think you are more interested in this one. 
4、Transparent PVC Shoulder Bags
This bag is also very popular among young girls nowadays. The name is simply a transparent shoulder bag. From the name of this bag, we can know that this bag features transparency.
Its design does not pay attention to the safety of the bag like other bags but uses a transparent design to make the inside of the bag transparent so that we can directly observe the inside of the bag from the outside.

Because the design of this bag is very special, we don’t need to consider safety factors when we buy this bag, it’s more good-looking and beautiful. Excluding the fact that it is not safe enough, it is quite good for girls to carry this bag to the Street shot.
The shoulder bags introduced above are just some of the styles sold by Wholesale7.net, and more types have not been listed. If you need it, you can directly log in to the website to browse the required information. From this, you don’t need to spend precious time choosing a product in a hot physical store but can enjoy the cool condition online.

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