Zoom Teeth Whitening: What To Expect On Your Dental Visit

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There are many effective cosmetic dental treatments available today and one of the most popular is Zoom teeth whitening, which involves the dentist applying a hydrogen peroxide solution to the tooth enamel using a special device. The treatment typically can make your teeth a few shades whiter. With that in mind, here are some details about the procedure of having Zoom teeth whitening treatment.

Initial Consultation

When you approach a cosmetic dental clinic about teeth whitening, the dentist would first carry out a thorough oral examination, noting any minor issues, then they would talk to you about your expectations. Only then can the dentist make a recommendation as to which treatment will offer the best results.

Deep Cleaning

Your dentist would recommend that you allow their resident hygienist to deep clean your teeth prior to having the Zoom teeth whitening treatment. The previous day is ideal, and this removes plaque that would hinder the bleaching process, giving optimum results, then you are ready for the Zoom teeth whitening treatment.

The Zoom Treatment

The treatment takes about one hour and begins with the dentist applying covering on your lips and gums, which leaves the teeth exposed. The specialist then applies a hydrogen peroxide solution to the tooth enamel, then the Zoom light is directed onto the tooth enamel, which stimulates the hydrogen peroxide solution, making it more effective. This process takes about 15 mins and there would likely be a video screen for you to watch while the solution reacts with the tooth enamel.

Three Cycles

Typically, the dentist would repeat the gel and light process a further two-15-minute periods, making 45 minutes in total, which gives the best results. It is worth noting that the goal is not to make your teeth as white as possible, rather to choose a shade that suits you. Of course, some people are better candidates than others and the dentist would judge each case by its merits, using a treatment that promises the desired results.

Treatment Aftercare

The clinic would furnish you with a list of instructions and guidelines for post-treatment care, which would include the abstinence of certain food and drinks that are known to stain the teeth. In the event you smoke, the dentist would be quite clear about quitting the habit. If you really must have a daily dose of nicotine, chewing the gum is better for your teeth and your lungs.

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